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Profaya™ is a combination of well-recognized botanicals known in the Eastern and Western medical and nutritional paradigms. Profaya™ is made of several botanical products that have a long history of use in the Middle East and elsewhere and have been studied in the United States as well.  Recent studies have declared Profaya™ to meet GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) standards.


How Profaya™ Supports Canine Health 

Joint Support

Key ingredients in Profaya™ support joint health, promoting healthy joints, connective tissue, and flexibility.

Cellular Pathway Regulation:

Multiple independent studies, as well as our own research, demonstrate that the ingredients of Profaya™ support normal function of the cellular pathways. These cellular pathways are the natural processes allowing canine cells to properly replicate and perform the vital functions the body depend on to live and thrive. Inefficiency in these natural processes can cause large declines in quality of life. By combating these inefficiencies, Profaya™ is a powerful driver in your quest for good canine health.

Profaya™ contains a unique, proprietary combination of ingredients that have been used in many parts of the world for centuries to support the body's ability to address a variety of these health concerns in canines. These ingredients, combined with Vitamin C, help the body support normal cellular function and processes that can become dysregulated from everyday canine life.

Profaya™ creates a synergy that can holistically support the health of your dog by coupling the power of free radical reduction with the knowledge of the natural supportive health benefits from Arum palaestinum, Peganum harmala, turmeric and other botanicals and ingredients. While each component stands fully capable of supporting normal cellular function on its own, our research strongly suggests that the proper ratio found in Profaya™ yields a greater result than the sum of its parts. This synergistic effect provides maximum nutritional balance, activity, and support.

Profaya™ Provides Antioxidant Strength and Cellular Function Capabilities:

Dysregulation of normal cellular function and processes can occur over time because of free radicals, unhealthy chemicals, toxins, and stressors that attack and wear on the body and the natural aging process that render the body open to inefficiency and attack from other foreign assault.

What Makes Profaya™ Unique?

As an essential part of the immune system, the body generates free radicals in response to everyday stressors. However, excess free radicals created by the immune system and environmental toxins severely damage cells. The antioxidants in Profaya™ offer protection from damage by scavenging and neutralizing excess free radicals, promoting efficient cellular health.

The proprietary blend found in Profaya™ is a scientifically studied combination of ingredients found in Israel, the Middle East, and Asia that have been a part of traditional medicine for centuries. While not used together historically, our scientists found an unmistakable synergy among these ingredients that have a resounding effect on overall canine health. Hyatt Life Sciences subjected its formula to a decade of intensive safety and scientific studies, to which many traditionally used botanicals have not. The Profaya™ blend is not just a random combination of ingredients, but a specific ratio shown to optimize canine health. We are pleased to offer this unique combination of ingredients in the United States for the first time. With Profaya™, Hyatt Life Sciences is Putting Science Behind the Tradition™.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.