Hyatt Life Sciences is Putting Science Behind the TraditionTM
Headquartered in America’s heartland, Sterling, Kansas, Hyatt Life Sciences continually searches for unique botanical entities and combinations that have been used traditionally in their countries of origin for hundreds of years. Rather than depending only on tradition and legend as many nutraceutical companies do, scientists at Hyatt Life Sciences research, test, and evaluate each herb, root, and component to discover the scientific reason for the ingredient’s benefit. We offer products only after each ingredient has been thoroughly researched for benefit, safety, and purity. At Hyatt, we are committed to Putting Science Behind the TraditionTM

Hyatt Life Sciences – Who We Are
Our company’s founder and lead chemist, Dr. Gene Zaid, was born and raised in the Middle East. After immigrating to the U.S. as a young man, Gene became involved in the oil, gas, and chemical industry. He became well known and respected for his ability to design, incorporate and implement new ideas and concepts as well as inventing new products in the chemical field. Gene currently holds over fifty (50) patents.

Gene’s inventiveness and ability to approach and solve challenges from a different point of view led him to build his own successful chemical company in Sterling, Kansas. At the same time, Gene has always been interested in the traditional “medicines” and dietary practices in his homeland that have helped people for millennia. Consequently,  in conjunction with members of his family, Gene began investigating some of the traditional botanicals that have been used in his country of birth for over one thousand years. His quest is Putting Science Behind the TraditionTM.

Scientific Proof of the Power of Plants
Through exhaustive scientific research, Gene has extracted and identified specific constituents and properties in these unique botanicals that support health. Further research has identified the specific ratios of each of these ingredients in order to afford the greatest benefit to the consumer. The proportions in these specific formulas are as critical as the ingredients themselves. Just like baking an award winning cake, without the right recipe the ingredients get you nowhere; it is the same with AfayaTM powered products. 

AfayaTM Translates to “Health” or “Life”
This special, unique and proprietary formula is the basis of what we now call “AfayaTM Powered.” AfayaTM means health or life in several Middle Eastern languages and dialects. Hyatt Life Sciences is proud to offer specialized, science-based products that promote and support health and life. All Hyatt formulas are based on rigorous scientific research. They are currently offered ONLY through our website and professional healthcare practitioners. 

If you would like more information regarding our research and products, you can find it below.