Throughout history, humans have been dependent on nature for health and wellness. Ginger for nausea, aloe for burns, clove oil for toothaches and the old standby of chicken noodle soup during cold and flu season are just a few of the ways the Earth provides for our health.  That core principle remains true today and is found in many of the world’s oldest healing disciplines.  Traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, and other regional, time-honored “folk” remedies are still practiced throughout the world. Today’s modern scientific community is more understanding and accepting of these long-established conventions. Afaya Plus® was born out of a desire to help our customers support their health naturally through the power of plants, but to do so with science-backed research.

The Afaya™ “backbone” – the health support workhorse of Afaya Plus®

The backbone of Afaya Plus® – the Afaya™ Blend – is a novel combination of plants found in the Middle East and parts of Central and South Asia and serve as integral components of those regions’ healing traditions for centuries. However, after over 10 years of research and development, Hyatt’s team of scientists developed the proprietary combination of ingredients we now know as the Afaya™ Blend and harnessed the unmistakable synergies these natural compounds have to offer. The result? A measurable and stunningly clear improvement to users’ overall health.

Arum Palaestinum – the flagship. The mother lode. The pièce de résistance. The plant that started it all.  Think of it as the “Chicken Noodle Soup of the Middle East” – it’s been used for generations to promote health and has documented use by people as a food and as a medicinal preparation dating all the way back to the 9th Century A.D. Known locally in the Middle East as “loof”, this plant piqued our scientific curiosity back in 2005. Call it what you want…it’s the Real McCoy.

Our in vitro and in vivo analyses tested a whole range of different blends but a common theme soon emerged: whatever the combination, Arum Palaestinum makes it better, stronger, more potent and more powerful. As a result, the Arum Palaestinum plant became the main driver of our formula and is only found in products marketed by Hyatt Life Sciences.  While the scientific community has largely overlooked Arum Palaestinum for much of modern history, the plant is now beginning to gain interest as demonstrated by several recent publications and scholarly articles about its effects and benefits.

One more tidbit about this special plant. While there may be other Arums out there, we spent over 10 years and tremendous financial resources to identify and acquire the very best variant of Arum Palaestinum in the world. Only Hyatt Life Sciences uses this particular variety of Arum Palaestinum and we believe it is the best of the species. Our proprietary formula is the first and only product available on the market.

Peganum Harmala – also called Syrian Rue, Peganum Harmala has been used in many traditional healing disciplines throughout the Middle East and Central and South Asia. If Arum Palaestinum is the engine that drives the Afaya Plus®formula, then Peganum Harmala is the high-octane gasoline that helps achieve peak performance.

Turmeric – Turmeric is simply a legend in the botanical world. Modern medicine has taken a significant interest in the healing properties of turmeric over the last several years and the data available on this ingredient is not only voluminous but also very encouraging. The synergy that is found in our blend allows us to use much less turmeric and reap the maximum health supporting powers of this plant. In a word: it works.

Meet the “Plus” of Afaya Plus®
Batman and Robin. Lewis and Clark. Peanut Butter and Jelly. Some things are just best when they’re together. Afaya Plus® is no different. While the proprietary Afaya™ Blend is the workhorse of our formulation, it needs a solid supporting cast to help it excel. The “Plus” components of Afaya Plus® aren’t just fillers and flavorings – they are specific additions that only help Afaya Plus® continue its work of supporting the body on a level not seen before in dietary supplements.

Vitamin C – The antioxidant and free radical annihilating power of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) is well known by just about everyone these days. However, this staple of the vitamin world is used by the body as more than just a support molecule. Vitamin C is used as a cofactor in many of the body’s natural processes and is needed by the body to preform everyday tasks.  When cells don’t have the requisite amount of Vitamin C they can’t function properly. But the answer isn’t just blasting the body with 500mg of Vitamin C all at once, the answer is including it as a key “Plus” component; this delivery allows the body to use it to its fullest because several other Afaya Plus® ingredients help increase the body’s absorption of the product as a whole. The result is that your body gets more of what it needs, where it needs it most.

Garlic– Garlic has long been called “Nature’s Penicillin.” Modern science has already proven that this plant can help the body’s natural killer cells work more efficiently. In fact, this data is so well-established that the famous German E Commission (Germany’s FDA) has it listed in their pharmacopeia. The power of this herb is only enhanced by its inclusion in the proprietary blend of Afaya Plus®.

Beta-Sitosterol– More and more companies include beta-sitosterol in their formulas for its many health benefits.  While it’s most commonly associated with prostate health, its advantages reach far beyond that and add huge benefits for both genders. Beta-sitosterol boosts the power of Afaya Plus® by increasing absorption as well as benefiting the body in its own way at the same time.

Vanillin – While vanillin is generally used as a flavor additive by other companies, our testing revealed that the particular type of vanillin we use in our formula helps the body absorb more of the “good stuff” found in Afaya Plus® and is a key component which helps the product work more efficiently. 

By now, you can see that each ingredient in Afaya Plus® has a specific purpose and is not intended to serve as mere fillers or flavoring agents. The formula starts with a blend that is as unique as the plant that inspired it all, Arum Palaestinum. By exploring some well-known ancient wisdom from the Mideast, we were able to discover and perfect a superior health support supplement here in the Midwest.  This can-do spirit, paired with the knowledge and dedication of legitimate modern science, separates Hyatt Life Sciences and our products from the rest of the pack. Try Afaya Plus®today and find out for yourself!