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Afaya Plus®
Afaya Plus®Afaya Plus®
  • Supports Normal Cellular Function

  • Natural Antioxidant

  • Helps Maintain Cholesterol Levels

  • Supports & Maintains Normal Glucose Levels




A Team of Skeptics Turned Believers


We’re scientists. It’s our nature to be skeptical. Hyatt’s specialized formulas are scientifically researched combinations of natural ingredients. When combined, they have a synergistic effect intended to augment a healthy diet and lifestyle. Through extensive research and study, we witnessed the power of unique ingredients such as Arum Palaestinum and Peganum Harmala, two key components in our Afaya Powered products.


Powerhouse Ingredients in Afaya Plus®

The backbone of Afaya Plus® – the Afaya™ Blend – is a novel combination of plants found in the Middle East and parts of Central and South Asia and serve as integral components of those regions’ healing traditions for centuries. However, after over 10 years of research and development, Hyatt’s team of scientists developed the proprietary combination of ingredients we now know as the Afaya™ Blend and harnessed the unmistakable synergies these natural compounds have to offer. The result? A measurable and stunningly clear improvement to users’ overall health. Read more about Arum Palaestinum and the other ingredients in Afaya Plus.®


We Spent Millions on “Take with milk or a fatty meal.*”


Our scientific research shows that optimal absorption occurs when taken with a healthy fat such as milk, yogurt, avocado, etc.


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Afaya Plus®
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Afaya Plus® is a scientifically researched combination of natural ingredients intended to augment a healthy diet and lifestyle. Afaya Plus® contains the Afaya™ supplement blend--a unique, proprietary combination of botanical components exclusively available from Hyatt Life Sciences. These unique plants, grown and used for millennia in the Middle East and Central and South Asia, are known in local lore for their formidable and potent dietary health advantages.


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$65.00 Sale Price!


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.