Provide your patients with the newest science-based breakthrough in nutritional support for normal cellular function.

Afaya Plus® was born out of a desire to help support patient health naturally through the power of plants, but to do so with science-backed research. Afaya Plus® is a novel combination of plants found in the Middle East and parts of Central and South Asia and serve as integral components of those regions’ healing traditions for centuries. After 10+ years of research and development, Hyatt’s team of scientists developed the proprietary combination of ingredients we now know as the Afaya™ Blend and harnessed the unmistakable synergies these natural compounds have to offer. The result? A measurable and stunningly clear improvement to users’ overall health.


Consult With Our Pharmacist

From generalists to specialists, our team has consulted on a wide variety of health conditions. We invite you to consult with our pharmacist and learn more about the 10-years of science behind the proprietary combination of ingredients of Afaya Plus®.

Preston Moore is our on staff pharmacist and serves as our Vice President of Science and Technology. He graduated from the University of Kansas School of Pharmacy in 2009. While at KU he discovered his interest in research when working with retro viruses in a research lab. Professionally he has directed and managed both hospital and retail pharmacies which gives him a unique perspective on the use of OTC and herbal preparations. His current research at Hyatt Life Sciences deals with herbal and botanical supplementation.

Our VP of Science & Technology, Preston Moore, PharmD, is just a phone call away at 620.204.7160. Or email your questions directly to Preston via the form below.