About Us

From the hills above Jerusalem, across the plains of the Levant, along the paths toward ancient Babylon, through the winding valleys of the Fertile Crescent; our roots run through the cradle of civilization and beyond to the accumulated knowledge that resides there.

Our Focus is on the natural products which have nourished humankind from its genesis. Nature holds vast resources for us to live healthy lives. Natural elements found in plants have a powerful ability to help us flourish. Nature offers us her resources as the foundation for the creation of superior products that enhance our health, naturally.

We are applying some of the brightest minds in science to unearthing effective, plant-based products. We’re combining ancient knowledge with modern scientific and analytical expertise. The results are synergistic combinations that provide greater benefits together, than each plant’s individual parts.

We believe it shouldn’t be complicated to maintain the healthiest version of you. Our ambition is to provide natural products which aid the body in maintaining optimal health and a cellular environment that resists the normal wear and tear of daily life. Our goal, is to help you maintain a healthy life full of energy and vitality.

Hyatt Life Sciences is bringing cutting-edge science to nearly 4,500 years of ancient wisdom. The result is a healthier, happier you!